Sugar and Spice and SPINs and Stims

by Dr. Allison Kawa Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is an umbrella diagnosis used to encompass a very large range of symptom constellations that include problems with social communication (i.e., the social use of verbal and nonverbal language) in addition to interests that are overly intense or odd, sensory processing problems, and/or behaviors that areContinue reading “Sugar and Spice and SPINs and Stims”

Do You Have the Spoons?

By Dr. Julie Caplan Have you ever found yourself needing to accomplish something, yet you have zero motivation even to begin? You’re not alone! The reason behind why we’re being asked to do something can be any number of things. From the shorter-term – we need to get out of bed and go to workContinue reading “Do You Have the Spoons?”

ADHD, ADD, or Something Else?

Attention issues in children and adolescents are like a fever: they tell you something is going on but not exactly what. This is one reason why people are sometimes misdiagnosed with attentional disorders. Adding to the confusion are the actual terms that we use to talk about these attention problems. What exactly is ADHD and how is it different from ADD?

Living in the Danger Zone: How Trauma Can Reorganize Your Brain

By Dr. Allison Kawa In an ideal world, all of us would go through life feeling safe and secure because nothing too bad has ever happened to us. Sure, a bit of adversity and challenge is needed in order to develop grit, but sometimes, events or circumstances in our lives are so profound that they literally changeContinue reading “Living in the Danger Zone: How Trauma Can Reorganize Your Brain”