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Girls and ADHD: We Do it Backwards and in High Heels

Dr. Julie Caplan shares her first hand experience as a female with ADHD, and goes in depth about the gender bias in diagnosing girls with ADHD. From sharing statistics to giving advice on ways to manage one’s ADHD, Dr Julie. Caplan brings awareness to the issues that surround gender and ADHD.

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Do You Have the Spoons?

Do you have zero energy when it comes to doing certain tasks? Have no fear! Dr. Julie Caplan introduces the “Spoon Theory”, and provides tips on ways you can get yourself to take baby steps towards accomplishing the things that you dread doing.

ADHD, ADD, or Something Else?

Dr. Allison Kawa goes in depth and breaks down what it means to have ADHD, ADD, or potentially another issue affecting focus. While clarifying misconceptions and the confusion around the diagnosis process, Dr. Allison Kawa offers clarity on this confusing topic.

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Optimizing Executive Functioning: Tips and Tricks for When Your “Brain Boss” is on a Coffee Break

Dr. Julie Caplan gives the inside scoop on ways you can strengthen your Executive Functioning weaknesses. From self-monitoring to impulse control, Dr. Julie Caplan gives the best tools to help manage your chaos.