Do you ever perform consultations?

We are absolutely available for consultations with families. We often meet with parents of children we have previously evaluated for check-ins or to help provide guidance when decisions about changing treatment need to be made. Dr. Kawa is also happy to schedule consultations when needed if a parent wants to have an in-depth discussion about their child and whether testing is warranted.

Additionally, Dr. Kawa is available for “second opinion and demystifying” consultations. This is appropriate when another assessor has evaluated a child (or an evaluation was performed as part of the IEP process), but parents do not understand the results and/or know how to speak with their child about the results. Dr. Kawa provides record review (i.e., reading previous testing, reviewing current report cards, etc.), consults with current providers (if any), and then conducts a meeting with the parents. Dr. Kawa typically sends a follow-up email with the recommendations discussed and any pertinent referrals. She is also available to help plan the best way to discuss test results with the child, and when appropriate she will meet with the child to explain what their evaluation revealed in a clinically- and developmentally-appropriate way.