What can I expect at my appointments?

Once you schedule an evaluation, you will receive a confirmation email with all appointment dates/times, directions to the office and parking information, information about insurance, and a form to fill out in advance of the intake appointment. Our intake appointments are for parents only and are usually about two hours long. We will go over initial paperwork and answer any questions you might have. We will then review your child’s history in depth.

If you child is in elementary school and we are conducting a school observation, we will let you know when it is scheduled for and send a brief email after the visit to let you know how it went. At the testing appointments, you will have the option to stay in the waiting room or to come pick up your child at the end of the appointment. We usually start the first appointment by talking to the student about why he or she is being evaluated and what they can expect. During the appointments, we take multiple breaks as needed (usually including a snack break). We typically ask parents to pack a water bottle and a snack for their child.

There are several types of activities presented in the testing, ranging from academic tasks to brainteaser-type problems to memory, listening, and drawing tasks. Many students are tired after their appointments, but often comment that it was not as boring as they had thought it would be. Many students actually enjoy the appointments (or at least the prizes!)

Approximately three weeks after the last day of testing, parents return to review results from testing. This is usually a two-hour meeting. We typically provide several suggestions for supporting the student as well as local referrals if needed. At the parent feedback meeting, we schedule a time to meet with the student for the child feedback meeting.

Shortly after the parent feedback meeting, a PDF of the full report is emailed to the parents in addition to any other loose ends (e.g., a superbill, additional referrals, etc.). We are happy to send the report to other providers if parents request it. Our strong preference is that parents be the ones to send information to schools. This ensures that parents have complete control over who receives information about their child. Our reports meet or exceed documentation requirements for accommodations at school/university and on high-stakes testing (e.g., ISEE, SAT, ACT, etc.).