Why can’t you test my child for ADHD or Dyslexia only?

In the past, we have found that partial batteries raise more questions than they answer, or the student lacks sufficient documentation to qualify for appropriate supports. Neurodevelopmental problems like ADHD or dyslexia are not the same as physical problems, like strep throat. There is no one “test” that can be performed to make an accurate diagnosis. Additionally, attention, learning, and processing problems seldom occur in isolation. There are high rates of co-morbidity (i.e., two or more issues occurring simultaneously), and it is important to have a thorough understanding of all the systems not only for diagnostic clarification, but also for custom-tailored treatment planning. Attention problems in particular are murky because they are like a fever—they tell you something is wrong but not necessarily what. Just like you would not go to the doctor with a fever and only allow her to examine the left side of your body, we do not believe that it is clinically responsible to examine aspects of cognitive functioning in isolation.