Office Snuggler

Woof! I’m Hermione, and I recently took on a freelance gig at LACIA as the office hypoallergenic labradoodle. I pop by the office every now and then if a student requests a visit, usually as a treat after they finish a session. If I can fit it into my busy schedule, I also stop by to meet some of the parents who are especially fond of dogs. Apparently, rubbing my belly and getting puppy snuggles is motivating for many of you humans. If you’re interested in my services, just have your people call my people (a.k.a. Stephanie). 

When I’m not working, my favorite things to do are to growl menacingly at squirrels and Amazon delivery folks, chew my bones, have “water parties” with my water bowl, and play fetch or keep away with one of my hundreds of stuffies. I’m also incredibly fond of walks, play dates with other dogs, Starbucks puppuccinos, and shredding papers (the more important, the better- especially if it’s my mom’s homework). My dislikes include being ignored by my aunt, thunder, not being allowed to dash after birds when I’m on my leash, and not being allowed in the house when my paws are muddy. I hope to see you around the office!

Alma Mater

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