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I Can Turn It Off Anytime I Want: Is Tech Addiction Real?

Based off of recent studies, Dr. Allison Kawa reveals the scary truths about technology addiction.

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Girls and ADHD: We Do it Backwards and in High Heels

Dr. Julie Caplan shares her first hand experience as a female with ADHD, and goes in depth about the gender bias in diagnosing girls with ADHD. From sharing statistics to giving advice on ways to manage one’s ADHD, Dr Julie. Caplan brings awareness to the issues that surround gender and ADHD.

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Do You Have the Spoons?

Do you have zero energy when it comes to doing certain tasks? Have no fear! Dr. Julie Caplan introduces the “Spoon Theory”, and provides tips on ways you can get yourself to take baby steps towards accomplishing the things that you dread doing.

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Living in the Danger Zone: How Trauma Can Reorganize Your Brain

Dr. Allison Kawa shares her insight on trauma and explains the complexities about how trauma can affect us all. From little “t” trauma to big “T” trauma, Dr. Allison Kawa provides important tips on ways we can cope and find safety from within.

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Sex, Lies, and Video Games

Dr. Allison Kawa dives into the complexities on how video games impact the brain and debunks common video game myths. In her blog she offers ways you can evaluate video game time for your children, while sharing the benefits and downsides to certain types of video games. Click below to read more.

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How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude

During the holiday season it can be hard to stay grateful. Dr. Julie Caplan shares her tips on ways to stay positive and maintain that attitude of gratitude even when life gets rough. Click below to read more.

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Learning Loss or Learning Disability?

Due to COVID there are many reasons why your child may be struggling in school. Dr. Allison Kawa explains the difference between learning loss or learning disability, and goes in depth on the next steps to handle both situations. Click below to read more.

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Stunted Social Skills: The Sneaky Secondary Symptom of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Julie Caplan reveals how COVID-19 has impacted children, adolescents, and teenagers, along with sharing tips on ways to tackle the post COVID-19 side effects. Click below to read more.