Small Bites

Welcome to LACIA’s small bites! Here you can find archives of the helpful information tidbits we’ve posted on social media about topics like women and ADHD, Autism, report reading tips, and more. You can also find this content on our instagram @asklacia

Women and Girls with ADHD Series

This special series is meant to highlight the issues that women and girls face with ADHD that tends to be overlooked. This series aims to inform and educate people on the realities that females face with ADHD, which are completely different from male ADHD experiences.

Report Reading Tips

When you read your child’s report after a consultation do you ever feel like you can’t understand any of the jargon or concepts? This series is meant to give people a better understanding of how to read these reports effectively, and get a better understanding of what certain words/concepts actually mean!

Q & A “My ASD Journey”

A 25 year old woman shares her experience with ASD, and what her life has looked like since being diagnosed. In this series, she explains what she wishes people knew about autistic women, what was difficult for her prior to diagnosis, and while growing up, what could’ve been helpful for her in order to feel seen, heard, and understood.

Difference between Gender and Sexuality

There can be some confusion when trying to differentiate between biological sex/gender identity/gender expression/sexual orientation. Here is a two part mini series created by Dr. Julie Caplan to help clarify!