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We are a boutique practice specializing in comprehensive evaluations and consultation services for children, adolescents, and emerging adults.

What We Do

What Makes Us Different

Our approach to assessment is uniquely holistic, more in-depth, and more well-rounded than traditional neuropsychological or psychoeducational assessments. The thorough, integrated evaluations we perform represent the intersection of developmental, neurobiological, educational, and psychological disciplines. LACIA psychologists have extensive training in both neuropsychological testing and in the assessment of personality and social/emotional functioning, including both typical and atypical developmental patterns. By integrating information about an individual’s neurocognition with a nuanced conceptualization of their inner world, we paint a clear, accurate, and deeply personal picture of them.

What Services We Provide

Testing Services: The battery of tests we administer is designed to assess numerous aspects of cognitive, processing, memory, learning, and social/emotional factors. Part of the testing process can include diagnosis of a learning, processing, attentional, or psychiatric disorder, but our philosophy is that a diagnosis is simply one small piece of the greater puzzle that needs to be solved in order to help our patients thrive.

Consultation Services: We also provide consultation services for families that have had testing elsewhere (including via the IEP process) within the last three years. Through the consultation model, we help to demystify test results and diagnosis as well as build your child’s self-awareness. When appropriate, consultation can be a faster, more cost effective way to understand the information that we already know about a student and to ensure that the treatment plan is targeted and effective.

What You Can Expect From Our Process

The ultimate goal is to construct a detailed, individualized roadmap that prioritizes an action plan in a methodical, practical way. Our philosophy is to remediate areas of weakness that respond to intervention while simultaneously developing strategies to allow a student to work smarter, not harder. Families will have the information they need to make well-informed decisions for next steps to maximize treatment gains while fostering healthy emotional growth. Emerging adults will have a realistic, concrete understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and personality style to serve as the springboard from which they launch into successful, fulfilling academic and/or vocational endeavors. 

How Do We Get Started?

Contact us to get general information about the evaluation and to schedule a phone call to talk about your child’s specific needs. We are excited to work with you and your family!

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Our Team

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Dr. Allison Kawa

Clinical Director

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Dr. Julie Caplan

Clinical Psychologist


Clinical Coordinator

About Us

History and Mission

Los Angeles Center for Integrated Assessment (LACIA) evolved organically as a different way to approach the work of evaluating children, adolescents, and emerging adults. We are making accurate, holistic understanding of individuals accessible at varying levels of financial commitment as well as working to educate and inspire parents, educators, and providers in multiple disciplines. What started as a solo practitioner model with very compartmentalized thinking has blossomed into a dynamic, collaborative methodology whose whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.
Dr. Allison Kawa founded the practice in 2010 as a solo practitioner, providing several different, narrowly-focused types of evaluation (e.g., ADHD evaluations, dyslexia evaluations, etc.). She quickly realized that partial batteries of testing tended to raise more questions than they answered. Since they often proved unhelpful, these partial batteries were systematically dropped from the “menu of services” in favor of more comprehensive assessments. As the depth and complexity of evaluations increased, so did the time required to conduct them. This had the unfortunate result of causing excessive wait times for appointments. On a personal note, Dr. Kawa found solo practice to be lonely, and she missed the camaraderie of working in a multidisciplinary setting.

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At LACIA, our mission is to educate and inspire parents, educators, and providers worldwide. We aspire to make access to a holistic and integrated understanding of children and adolescents widely available at levels of commitment that suit each family’s specific needs. This might include working with us directly, or it might simply mean increasing your awareness and knowledge through content we provide here.